(above) Kerry (SOAS) and Chien-Hui (SOAS) as part of Purple A (line-up no. PA5) covering APRIL – ‘April Story’ at DGC Show XI, Main Theatre, Stratford Arts Centre, London, UK. May 2017


Purple A is a University of London-derived K-pop group featuring present and past students of the university plus guests from the general K-pop community.

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PA logo

Purple A  logo designed by Linda Hien.

Linda is a freelance graphic designer with extensive experience in providing services to non-profit organisations, independent fashion and music companies, and university societies. Linda specialises in creating modern, clear and bright logos and infographics, and ensures that from creative brief to final delivery, the client clearly understands the process. Her contact address is lindahienlh@gmail.com and her portfolio is available on contact.

download   Purple A Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBJrHJbXsR5QcxY_soAQ9EVgHm7oFsZib